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Created 30-Jul-12
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Club Individual Elements and Tumbling Competition - 28 July 2012

On 28 July, the Club held its first internal Individual Elements and Tumbling competitions. Open to all gymnasts covering every level of experience and age (from the youngest to the oldest), competitors had to perform a sequence of elements in front of an audience, on their own. For acrobatic gymnasts, who normally work in groups, this was something of a challenge! The sequences were grouped into categories to take account of the various experience levels and as well as medals, 3 grades of certificates of achievement were awarded: Pass, Merit and Distinction.

In the Tumbling competition, gymnasts had to complete 3 separate tumbling runs, which they had individually chosen from a 'pick-list.' Again. this was something new for all of the competitors and even our more experienced gymnasts professed themselves to be slightly nervous!

The event proved to be a big success and saw some great performances across all of the age groups; for many of our youngest gymnasts, this was their first ever perfomance in front of an audience and every one of them did themselves proud.

The photographs in this gallery show the 'before and after' activity and the medal presentations for the Individual Elements Competition.

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Carrie and EllieLana, Mungo, Anna and CharlotteMedals and certificates waiting to be awardedPensive faces before the competition beginsNina and April looking serious!'First timers' and 'old hands'Emma explaining the scoring rules for the dayCarrie runs through the order of eventsAttentive gymnasts!The Judging Panel prepares - Emma, Sean and MeganA mix of squadsYoung and old-er!Medal celebration practice!Abi, Heidi and FionaElsa, Lara, Esme, Jasmine and EllieThe judges are ready.Warm-up, Charlotte concentrating hardAnna practicing JapanaMedal Winners - Elelements - FIG Bases L2 CategoryMedal Winners - Elements - Talented Starters Category