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Regional NDP Prelims: 1-2 March 2008

Over 30 gymnasts competed at this national qualification event. The morning competition was for the Prep Level gymnasts who were all competing for the first time. The half term training programme definitely paid off with all gymnasts winning medals! In the Prep A competition Phoebe and Nina performed a fantastic routine to win a Gold medal and Melissa and Abi also performed a great routine to win the Bronze. In the Mixed Pairs Patrick and Emma performed confidently to win the Silver medal. At Prep B, Izzy and Beth performed a very good routine to win a Bronze medal. All these gymnasts have now gained a place in the Regional team for the South of England Championships to be held on 11th May.
In the afternoon sessions we had the NDP gymnasts competing for a place in the National finals, which will take place in Stoke in May. Rebecca and Freya performed a lovely routine at NDP 1 to finish with a Silver medal. Laura and Aysha did a great routine to finish in Bronze position. Will and Izzy were competing in the NDP 1 mixed pairs competition and won the Gold medal by a convincing margin. Maisie, Fran and Emily held their composure to win the Gold medal; Sophie, Illanah, and Emerald were only just behind to win the Silver medal. Vicky, Natalie and Bethany (in her first competition) came a fantastic 5th. At NDP 2, Megan and Sophie won the Gold medal with Gabby and Cossi giving a lovely performance to win the Silver. Nicole, Katie and Danielle finally won the Gold medal they deserved after managing to beat their injuries! In the NDP 3 women's groups competition Cath, Rosie and Megan finished in Gold medal position after performing 2 stunning routines. Congratulations to everyone – you did yourselves proud!

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