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Created 17-May-12
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This Gallery is Oxfords Hall of Fame! Here you will find pictures of many of our medal winners, with honours ranging from Regional to National and International competition.

Irrespective of what the medal was for - each gymnast earned their place on the winners podium through commitment, hard work and for some, considerable personal sacrifice; training 6 days a week is not easy!

And with the margin for success or disapointment often being measured in 10ths of a mark, there are many other Oxford gymnasts who have worked just as hard, performed to the very best of their ability, but who have not been able to attain that elusive medal. Your efforts are not forgotten and we are equally proud of your personal achievement.

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The Medal Winning Squad!Toby and Bea - Gold MedalistsSophie & Evie, Ruby, Ilka and MollyLouisa and Annie - Silver!Team Oxford - Southern Region Championships 2018Toby and Bea - Gold and one of the highest marks of the day!Catriona, Annie and Esmee - Silver!Matilda and Maia - Gold!Gold for Sophie and Evie!Gold for Izzy and Ellie, Silver for Elsa and Sophia!