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Created 16-Feb-19
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9-10 February 2019
Yate International Gymnastics Centre

Gold, Bronze and 5th Place at the Prestigious King Edmund Invitational.

Saturday, saw 2 partnerships competing at the King Edmund Invitational, which has been described as the "Mother of all club competitions" such is the size and quality of the entry. Both were up against some of the best gymnasts in the country in their grades, with fields of 20 plus competitors. Sophie & Evie achieved an amazing 3rd place Bronze Medal, while Ilka, Ruby & Molly fought hard and had a great finish in 5th.
On Sunday, Toby and Bea excelled in the Mixed Pairs competition, winning the gold medal in an amazing field of gymnasts. They also achieved the highest score of the day, across all categories - 28.150! Congratualtions to everyone! You did a great job and we are so proud of your hard work and achievements.

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