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Created 27-May-12
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Summer Fun Day and Display: 16 July 2006.

On 16 July 2006, the club held an open air summer fun day and display. The weather was perfect and a number of routines and demonstrations were performed to a large audience of families and friends.

This was the first event that I photographed and its fascinating to look back on, as some of the gymnasts in the pictures are still in the club today (2012). A number of others who have since retired or left the club also feature. Some of them, both past and present, have since gone on to become British, European and World medalists.

So, with apologies to those gymnasts that are still in the club and who will doubtless want to 'hunt me down' for posting these pictures of them (when they were still 'cute'), enjoy this nostalgic look back at their early years; because from these beginnings, future champions were made.

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