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Created 4-Jun-12
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King Edmund International 21-22 Feb 2009. Over the weekend 2 partnerships competed in the FIG 11-16 AG category. Becky and Megan were in the women's pairs section and Cath, Rosie and Emily were in the women's group. Both partnerships competed 2 fantastic routines on Saturday to qualify in 2nd and 1st place respectively for the Sunday Finals. In the Finals, all scores are zeroed and both partnerships had to prove themselves all over again.
Becky and Megan were first to go with their balance routine, a confident and polished performance gave them the Silver medal against some very tough competition. Cath, Rosie and Emily performed their balance routine with strong expression and confident clean moves to give them the Gold medal.

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Becky & Megan wait to present to the JudgesBecky & MeganBecky & MeganBecky & Megan - enjoying the momentCath, Rosie and Emily ready to present to the judgesCath and Emily on their 3 minute warm upCath Rosie and Emily - warm-upCarrie - in characteristic poseWaiting.....Final moments before taking to the floorCarrie - ready to send them outCath and EmilyCath Rosie and EmilyCath, Rosie and EmilyBecky & Megan warming upI would love to know what Megans thinking!Cath Rosie and EmilyCath and EmilyRosieCath Rosie and Emily